The owners of Safer Schools for America have spent 40 successful years providing hardware and ballistic protection to correctional facilities, courthouses, Security-oriented OEM customers and other government institutions. Throughout our years in business, we gained extensive experience and insight into what it takes to facilitate security against a high threat violent penetration of a building. Having supplied product to major distributors such as Grainger, Fastenal, McMasterCar and Amazon for decades, the team has gained the knowledge and expertise to properly process thousands of orders per week and most importantly manufacture product to the highest quality and production levels. This experience has become very important since we are now focused on providing Ballistic Resistant Products for school safety. 

Tragically school violence continues, since Sandy Hook we have had 75 school shootings, TOO Many Fatalities and TOO many Injured (reported by PolitiFact.com June 14, 2014). Professional threat assessment specialists have confirmed that the use of a physical barrier in the form of a bullet resistant classroom door and the remote lock-down system would be an extremely effective first line defensive measure against such an intruder.

SSFA has met with many school district officials and has recently partnered with the Friends of Safe Schools USA, a NON PROFIT organization that consists of, and partners with Police Officers of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Miami Dade School District and law enforcement across the nation. They endorse our tested and certified system and believe that every school should have this product NOW.  School Districts would purchase our system today if funds were available.

There are over 98,000 schools in the United States that will need to be equipped with Bullet Resistant Door Shields and remote locks.